Just a Friendly Reminder of Why I Don’t Co-sleep on a Regular Basis!

I am all for co-sleeping. I am also all for having your kid sleep in their own bed. That’s just my way of saying, it’s your business, do whatever works for you.

Co-sleeping has never worked well for us. It’s hard enough for Dave and I to co-sleep with one another. I love my husband very much, but we really need to invest in a bigger bed someday! I drive him nuts by sprawling and taking up most of the room, he drives me nuts by becoming a furnace the second he falls asleep (and snoring), and we are both cover hogs. We used to allow Leah in bed with us in the morning, but when it became earlier and earlier we had to put a stop to it. Now that she is a little older, she will come in with me once in awhile after Dave has gone to work, but neither of us really sleep at that point.

Well, the other night was a great reminder to me of a few other reasons why we don’t co-sleep with Leah. Her and I took a little road trip to visit some family out of state, and we shared a bed for the night. I was very crafty by lining pillows up along one side of the bed so that I could save myself a spot when I put her to bed. It worked! I was elated to see that I would have plenty of room. Until I got in, and she immediately ninja-sensed another body and backed up into me. I looped my arm under her head and around her.

It was very comfy and pleasant to be holding my little girl like a baby as she slept. I got warm and started to fade into dreamland. And then Leah used my ribs to propel herself away with her legs. All night it felt like the girl must have moved every twenty minutes or so, and each and every time I was kicked, slapped, or even grabbed (she actually put her arm under my pillow and grabbed my arm at one point!) Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep. Furthermore, I am sure that Leah can not possibly move around that much every night and still be well-rested; I believe that, although she was asleep, she was restless having me in the bed.

So, that pretty much made me feel very justified in keeping my marriage bed just for Dave and I. I am happy to report that Leah and I snuggle and hug all throughout the day at various times, but at night…not so much!


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