Three Words

My little burrito-baby telling me she loves me.

My little burrito-baby telling me she loves me.

I have taught Leah so well. I have taught her how to love deeply, and easily without condition. Perhaps just as importantly, I have taught her to say it. We are a family who does not say the words “I love you” just at specific times such as before bed or only when saying goodbye. In this house, those three words are said with abandon, whenever the mood strikes.

Sometimes I look at my child as she is playing. I watch the way her eyelashes rest on her cheek when she is looking down. I think about the adorable little curve of her nose, and I wonder how quickly the rest of her childhood will fly by, when the first three and a half years have already gone way too fast for my liking. At those moments, I don’t hold back.

“Leah,” I say, “I love you.”

Dave and I are the same way with each other. It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to say those three simple words. It’s not that we wouldn’t know if they weren’t said; but it sure is nice to hear.

Leah has learned so well. I caught her very first time saying it on video (lub you!) and she hasn’t stopped saying it since. I was just in the kitchen making my coffee when I heard her calling me from the livingroom. I stepped into the doorway and said “Yes, Leah?”

“Mommy, I love you.” She said.

“I love you, too, Leah.”


3 thoughts on “Three Words

  1. Being present as in now… right Now, and seeing things bran-new in each moment.
    Not being a parent myself, however, I get to watch friends go through the change, and what a change it is!!!

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