Nothing could take away my love

Several weeks ago Dave and I were joking about Leah growing up and dating, and how he will “not allow it”. I asked Leah,

“Are you going to date boys when you get older?”

“No, mommy.” Leah said. “I would rather date girls.”

Being that my daughter is three, I think her response had a lot more to do with her mentality that “boys are stinky” than her sexual orientation. However, it did give me cause to stop and consider the possibilities. My child could grow up to be gay. And how would I feel about that?

The answer is simple. I want my daughter to grow up and be confident, happy, successful and to find someone that she loves, and who loves her back. Notice I didn’t say “a man” or “straight” anywhere in that sentence. The truth is, if Leah or any subsequent children I may have are gay I would be perfectly okay with that. It doesn’t change who they are, what I want for them, or how I feel about them.

That being said, I want my child to be able to get married when she is grown up and in love. Whether the person she wants to marry is a man or a woman, I want her to be able to have the same rights as everybody else. Family is essential, and who are we to try and stop anyone from having that?

I hope someday that we can stop putting people into categories so that we can stigmatize them. Gay, straight, black, white, man, woman… We are all people. And we all deserve the same fundamental rights. I hope that when my child is grown, she is able to live in a world of acceptance and equality for all.


3 thoughts on “Nothing could take away my love

  1. Beautiful!!. Truly expressed, from a “Mothers heart”. That’s all we want, is for our children to be much as we love them.!!! No matter what ….Gina, I love your heart!

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