Her Own Wonderful Person

As parents we are constantly looking for tiny versions of ourselves in our children. From the time they are born it’s “Who does she look more like? Mommy or Daddy?” As they get older, we look for whose personality traits the child has inherited.

Leah, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with this narcissistic bit of human nature. Whenever someone looks at her and says “Oh you have your Daddy’s eyes!” or “You look just like your mommy!” she grows indignant and replies, “No, I don’t! I wook wike Weah!”

This goes the same for her personality, which is very much indeed all her own. Sure, she does get silly when she is tired much like me, and she has her Dad’s stubborn streak, but every day I am in awe of this amazing personality that my daughter has developed. She is sweet, kind, sassy, smart, absolutely hilarious, clever, creative, and amazingly adaptable. She is Leah, and Leah defines herself as just herself, no one else. I hope that is a trait she holds onto!


Celeb Status

I don’t like leaving my child. No one does. But I love returning to her and seeing her get all excited and come bounding into my arms at a full on run, yelling “Mommy, mommy!”.

Dysfunctional Mommy Moment

I was too embarrassed to share this story when it happened, about two years ago. Today it popped into my head, however, and I was able to see the hilarity in it.

I noticed a small round scab on Leah’s scalp one day while combing her hair. She was too young to ask her if she had hit her head on anything at the time. I was taken aback at how perfectly round it was. Mistake #1- I did a google search. What it brought up was ringworm!

I couldn’t understand how my beautiful, clean, healthy girl could have gotten ringworm, but as a typical first time mommy, I panicked. I took a picture with my phone and tried to send it to my aunts, who are nurses. They couldn’t tell from the photo. Mistake #2- I called her doctor’s office totally freaking out and demanded that she be seen that very day.

Her regular doctor was unavailable, but they squeezed her in with another doc in the practice, who told me that what she had was a round scab that did not even remotely resemble ringworm. He told me not to worry and that it would go away on it’s own in a few days, just like any other, non-round scab. Not completely convinced, I brought her home and continued to fret. Until I washed her hair that night.

After I got her out of the tub and was combing her hair, I saw that the round thingy was gone. The doctor and I were both wrong. What my daughter had on her head was not ringworm, and it was not a round scab. It was something sticky that washed right off with her Johnson’s Baby Shampoo!

I learned a lot from that experience. Most of all, never google anything medical. Second of all, don’t freak out. As moms, I am sure that we have all had those huge overreactions concerning our children. Especially as babies. Especially our firsts. But, hopefully, those freak-outs lead us all to be more laid back in the future. I know I am way more laid back now than I was then!

Another Thought

The first time your child purposely puts their arms around your neck and their head down on your shoulder in a hug, it feels magical. It feels like nothing will ever feel that good, or that beautiful ever again. Until the next time your child hugs you, that is. It never stops being beautiful.

Food Feud

I posted awhile ago about how I was going to put my foot down and stop catering to Leah’s picky taste in food. You probably all thought “Yeah, right. We’ve heard this before.” I know that’s what you all thought because you all love this blog so much and pay rapt attention to each and every post.

Well, I am here to tell you, that I have been laying down the law when it comes to mealtimes. There have been a few nights where my child has gone to bed hungry (because she is so stubborn), but she is finally starting to try new things and realize that meal time is family time.

Over the past few weeks, she has new found love (okay, like not love) for chicken, pork chops, corn, and green beans. We have also discovered that she thinks shrimp is “horrible”. But, hey, at least she tried it, right?

My Little Jokester!

Leah is trying so hard to figure out how humor works. She doesn’t have to work that hard, she is a naturally very funny child. But she tries to make up jokes and she just does not understand what makes a punch line funny. Luckily for me, her jokes are so un-funny that they make me laugh hysterically, which makes her feel very proud of herself. Some of her jokes include:

Q: What’s better than one cow?
A: Two cows!

Q: What makes the curtains hang?
A: Because they’re purple!

Q: What did one pony say to another?
A: Beam me up, pony!

I have thought of a few jokes to amuse her. I had to really. I couldn’t keep teaching her jokes that begin with someone walking into or sitting at a bar. I have tried to stick with pony themed jokes since she is so pony-obsessed. I thought maybe she would get them. Here are two that I made up:

Q: What are ponies favorite movies?
A: Colt classics!

Q: What did the boy pony say to the girl pony when he wanted to be exclusive?
A: Can I be your mane man?

This one is not about ponies, but I am impressed with my own hilarity:
Q: What did one bee say to another?
A: Shake your honey-maker!

Hahaha, I am so funny, right? Yeah, they all went over her head. Maybe this is where she gets her lame jokes from? Nah…