My Little Jokester!

Leah is trying so hard to figure out how humor works. She doesn’t have to work that hard, she is a naturally very funny child. But she tries to make up jokes and she just does not understand what makes a punch line funny. Luckily for me, her jokes are so un-funny that they make me laugh hysterically, which makes her feel very proud of herself. Some of her jokes include:

Q: What’s better than one cow?
A: Two cows!

Q: What makes the curtains hang?
A: Because they’re purple!

Q: What did one pony say to another?
A: Beam me up, pony!

I have thought of a few jokes to amuse her. I had to really. I couldn’t keep teaching her jokes that begin with someone walking into or sitting at a bar. I have tried to stick with pony themed jokes since she is so pony-obsessed. I thought maybe she would get them. Here are two that I made up:

Q: What are ponies favorite movies?
A: Colt classics!

Q: What did the boy pony say to the girl pony when he wanted to be exclusive?
A: Can I be your mane man?

This one is not about ponies, but I am impressed with my own hilarity:
Q: What did one bee say to another?
A: Shake your honey-maker!

Hahaha, I am so funny, right? Yeah, they all went over her head. Maybe this is where she gets her lame jokes from? Nah…


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