Her Own Wonderful Person

As parents we are constantly looking for tiny versions of ourselves in our children. From the time they are born it’s “Who does she look more like? Mommy or Daddy?” As they get older, we look for whose personality traits the child has inherited.

Leah, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with this narcissistic bit of human nature. Whenever someone looks at her and says “Oh you have your Daddy’s eyes!” or “You look just like your mommy!” she grows indignant and replies, “No, I don’t! I wook wike Weah!”

This goes the same for her personality, which is very much indeed all her own. Sure, she does get silly when she is tired much like me, and she has her Dad’s stubborn streak, but every day I am in awe of this amazing personality that my daughter has developed. She is sweet, kind, sassy, smart, absolutely hilarious, clever, creative, and amazingly adaptable. She is Leah, and Leah defines herself as just herself, no one else. I hope that is a trait she holds onto!


2 thoughts on “Her Own Wonderful Person

  1. I think it’s very important for PARENTS to realize that while they created their children, the little ones are unique beings, not just reflections. You are so fortunate that Leah has taught you this lesson so soon.

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