Another Leahism

I shared this story on Facebook when it happened, but I have been meaning to share it here as well. Have you ever seen one of those huge shopping carts that look like cars for kids to ride in? Well, Leah HAS to ride in one every time we are grocery shopping, but I, being ever not-so-graceful, am not the best at steering it. I nearly collided with the manager of the store a few weeks ago, but managed to stop just in time. The manager laughed and said “Great reflexes, she is a great driver!”

After that, we kept seeing the manager and every time he would comment on Leah’s driving skills or say that they might be able to get her a license up at the customer service desk. After about the 4th time we saw him, Leah waited until he walked away and then leaned in and whispered,

“Uh, mommy? He knows this is really just a shopping cart…right?”


6 thoughts on “Another Leahism

  1. Was that at Hannaford? Because we do give out Jr. Drivers license’s. Next time you guys are in I will get her one.

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