So Proud

970426_10151667144526079_1197615603_nYesterday was Leah’s first dance recital. For the 3-year-old classes, they hold the recital right at the studio and it’s only about an hour-long. Leah has been kind of unenthusiastic when I ask her about dance class, but on the other hand, she seems to have a blast once she is there. I had no idea what to expect for both how the recital was run and how my daughter would be.

I have to say, after seeing it I am so incredibly proud of Leah! For a class that young, the main goal is getting them used to a class setting where they are expected to follow directions. She did extremely well at that, but she also did fabulous at the dancing and she showed off her beautiful personality as well. They started out doing some ‘creative movement’ where the kids got scarves and they were told to dance to the music. Leah completely went off in her own direction and was literally dancing laps around the room. Every time she passed us she would either wave, wink, or blow a kiss.

When they moved onto to the choreographed dances I was so impressed with how my girl followed along. It was not perfect, but I could still see that she has learned so much. And her facial expressions are priceless. Some of the songs they were told to sing along with and Leah’s voice could be heard above everyone else’s, including the teacher.

Although it is hard to let your child grow up, it is something that we all must do. I am so full of pride in my daughter’s huge and wonderful personality. I never expected her to get out there and rock it like that, and it’s something that I never would have been able to do. I hope that as she grows she continues to have so much confidence in herself.


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