A Mother’s Worst Nightmare

Literally. Last night I had the worst, scariest dream I have ever had in my life. I have dreamed about snakes and spiders (ick), and I used to have a recurring dream about being attacked by a shark (scary). I have had dreams of being chased down by monsters and serial killers, and dreams reliving scary or sad parts of my own past, but nothing prepared me for the terror of last night’s nightmare.

I was in a crowded place, and Leah and my dad were both with me. I think it was some sort of underground museum we were in. There were metal stairs going up and when you looked up you could see that the floors went up for miles. When I looked back down, my dad was looking at some display and Leah was GONE. My dad and I frantically began to search for her and I was screaming her name at the top of my lungs. It seemed to get more crowded but the people milling around were ignoring my pleas for help and no one would stop moving or stop people from going in or out. I located a security guard and told her, “I can’t find my daughter!”

Just then, the walls burst and water came rushing into the room. Mass hysteria ensued. The security guard just looked at me with pity, and I knew right then that I was never going to see my daughter again.

Oh my gosh, just thinking about this dream and recounting it here ties my stomach up in knots. I have never felt so terror-stricken or panicked in my life. I awoke to find that thin dawn light was coming into the room between the blinds. I jumped out of bed and ran/tip-toed to Leah’s room. I opened her door despite the loud creaking noise, and saw my daughter’s curls splayed out over her pillow. Not caring if I would wake her, I leaned over her sleeping face and kissed her forehead. I just needed to make sure she was really there.


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