Happy Father’s Day!

Today is a day that I always feel incredibly lucky for the fathers and father figures in my life. I was lucky enough to have not only a wonderful dad, but an amazing step-dad as well growing up, and they both continue to love and support me while also being super grandpas to Leah!

Most of my earliest memories are silly things that my dad did to entertain me. One was a game he called “good shark, bad shark” in which he made both of his hands talk to me and I had to guess which one was good and which was bad. I remember begging him to play that with me. I also remember how I cried for hours when he cut his long hair when I was two, how he always got me the most thoughtful gifts, and when he proudly placed my baby brother into my arms for the first time. Even though I am an adult now, I still need my dad’s love and support very much, and it means the world to me whenever he calls just to see how I am doing. I love you dad!

My step-dad is awesome, too! We have always gotten along extremely well and he can always make me laugh no matter what! He was also the one who spoiled me the most (and okay, still does). All I had to do was stick out my bottom lip and I had whatever I wanted. He also taught me how to save up my money from a young age (although I just recently found out that when I saved up months of allowances for a new American Girl Doll, he actually paid for it himself and put my money into my savings account), and he taught me how to make a “can do into a will do”, which is to say that I can make anything happen if I am willing to do the work. I love you, too, JC!

I am also feeling blessed that my child (well, children) have such a great dad! Dave was so young when he became Leah’s father, but he has done awesome. He knows when to be strict, but he is also one of Leah’s best friends and he is not afraid to be the only dad playing on the playground equipment with his kid. He also loves having tea parties and playing Barbie dolls with her. It doesn’t matter to him what they are doing as long as he is spending time with his daughter.

Finally, I have an awesome father-in-law who pretty much raised Dave on his own. He is also a wonderful grandpa to Leah and is supportive of me as her mom and his son’s wife.

Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing Dad’s out there!


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day!

  1. You are an amazing daughter and reading this not only made my father’s day special, but it brought back memories and made me proud of you.
    I love you,

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