Heart to Heart

Leah is now old enough that we can have some deep conversations. I find that when she behaves badly she really understands and takes it to heart if I sit her down for a talk rather than a punishment like a time out. I love that about her. I am also incredibly proud of a conversation we recently had about the new baby. Leah was able to verbalize that while she is a little bit excited, she is mostly worried about having to share me and that I will always hold the new baby instead of her. It broke my heart a little, but I then got the chance to reassure Leah that I will always love her very much and that even though things will be different I will always make special time for just her.

I am so amazed that not only was she able to tell me exactly what was on her mind, but that I could reassure her and she understood what I am saying. Ever since this conversation took place I am careful to include her in conversations about the baby, but also not to inundate her with talking about it, and to always talk about Leah and how proud I am of my little girl.


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