4 Years Ago Today- Part One

Four years ago today I went to my doctor’s office for a routine prenatal appointment, and wound up being sent to the hospital to be induced with Pitocin. I had been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia weeks earlier and consistently had high blood pressure and too much protein, but on this day I had also gained eight pounds from the Friday before (this was Monday). My doctor immediately sent me over to the hospital and said she would meet me there soon.

The maternity ward was so busy that they had to set me up in the hallway. They put up some screens for privacy and started taking my vitals, but luckily they were able to clear out a room before they had to get my IV going. When they finally got me hooked up my contractions started quickly. It was somewhere around 10 am by this time. My Mom, who had been in the middle of grading regents exams, was kicked out by the other teachers and she arrived at the hospital not long after.

Throughout the day I had visits from my Dad, Stepmom, Stepdad, and two best friends, Nick and Kelly. They all were camped out in the waiting room for much of it. The doctor asked my mom how long she was in labor for (28 hours!) and kept joking that it was all her fault it was taking so long. She told me she had dinner plans so I had better move it along! Boy, did I show her! I remember that the day just dragged on, with my contractions getting painful in the early afternoon.

I got an epidural and started to feel a little better. The nurse (probably my 3rd one by then) kicked all of my visitors out so that I could get a nap, but I couldn’t sleep. I knew that very soon my life was going to be drastically different and that I was going to meet my beautiful baby girl. Who could sleep with that going on?!

Afternoon turned into evening and evening turned into night. My Stepmom had to get my brother off the bus and stay at home with him. My Stepdad had to go to work (he worked nights). Everyone else hung out in the waiting room, with the exception of Dave and my Mom, who stayed through the whole time. Finally, I was ready to push, but the day was no longer Monday, June 22nd. It was midnight exactly, on June 23rd, when I finally began to bring my daughter into the world, and I was already exhausted.

To be continued…


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