Streaky Windows

For the past 6 months Leah has had a new habit of messing up my windows every chance she gets. I am not talking about a stray fingerprint here and there, or even an adorable and perfectly formed little patty print (what my grandma calls little baby hands). These are streaks going across the middle of the window, right where you would look out.

I spent the day cleaning for Leah’s birthday party, and was feeling pretty proud of myself, but also exhausted. I had felt glad that Leah had seemed to finally get the message and I had no window washing to do this time around.

And then I heard a squeak, and I caught her in the act. The way she is making the streaks is by actually licking her hand and then rubbing it back and forth across the glass! I know…kids are weird. And gross.

So, I had an idea. I marched her to kitchen, where I armed her with the windex and a paper towel.

“YOU clean it up.” I told her, “And if you ever do that again, it will be your job to clean it up, too. That is yucky.”

She grumbled a bit, but she got the job done. I think I have finally cured her of the need to streak up my windows.


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