I’m a Crafty Lady!

Today I decided I had to do something productive. It has kinda been awhile. I have been feeling very ill most of the time with this pregnancy, but I definitely use that as an excuse to be a couch potato. So today, I told myself that I was going to get up and do some crafting!

Leah and I made a trip to the craft store and got some supplies. I also bought her some new watercolors, so she had her own craft to do! Then we headed home to begin.

Leah's Flag Shirt!

Leah’s Flag Shirt!

I started out making a 4th of July t-shirt for Leah that I had seen on Pinterest. It came out so cute! Now I am going to have to make her some matching hair bows tomorrow if I think of it. I then tried my hand at some jewelry making combining cute, antique looking charms with hemp, and I think it came out pretty.

My biggest project, which I am so excited about, was that I made two of my denim shorts into maternity shorts! They were $12 shorts I got last summer at Walmart, and the only other materials were 2″ wide elastic and some old t-shirts to cover the elastic band. They came out great and are so much more comfy! I could still zip my pants, but I am getting a little bit of a baby bump now and they were digging into it. Now I am set for the summer, but I know how easy it is and plan to do long pants in time for fall.


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