I Forgot My Camera…

on the fourth of July. Actually, I didn’t so much forget it as it didn’t even occur to me to bring it since we were going to my mom’s, just to swim and cook-out, and then going with them to fireworks. I guess it didn’t seem like a Kodak-worthy occasion? Part of me wishes that I had brought it, but part of me is glad. I spent so much time drinking in every moment that I could so that I could call up vivid memories in my head for years to come.

There were golden curls cascading down Leah’s back as she sat in the sun on the back porch beside me, pulling the petals off of daisies one by one and saying, “He wuvs me, he wuvs me not…”

There was the look on her face when she jumped from the steps into the pool yelling “Canton Ball!”

There was a moment when she swam into my arms for a  hug to warm her up and I looked down and noticed that her long eyelashes were clumped together, looking like tiny, perfect stars.

I looked out from the back porch at one point and saw Leah sitting on the stone path near the pergola and digging for ants. Sprawled on the ground beside her was her “papa” and we was digging for ants just as enthusiastically as she.

There were many moments of Leah bossing my mom around in the pool (“swim underwater, Mana!”, “Let’s race!”, “Catch Me!”), and my mom had a huge grin of pure joy upon her face.

There was the moment when Dave arrived after working most of the day and Leah swam to the side of the pool and broke out into a happy Daddy song, and of course, the look on Dave’s face in reaction to his daughter’s adoration.

There was the terrified look on Leah’s face as she clung for dear life onto a horse on the carousel at the park where we went to see fireworks, and my mom beside her, reassuring that it was okay. And then she went on again with Papa, and they sat on one of the benches and made funny faces as they passed us again and again.

There was a faraway look on Leah’s face as we sat on a blanket, near a big duck pond, waiting for it to get dark. She was so exhausted, and yet so excited to see the sky light up.

And finally, the satisfied grin on her little face when she made it and saw the beautiful colors light up the night for the first time ever.

There was a day, that started out like many others, and then magically turned into a thousand beautiful memories to be treasured forever.


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