I’ve Got a Stage 5 Clinger!

And it’s my daughter! Last night she tearfully informed that she will never move out, even when she is grown up. I told her that she might feel differently about it in 16 years or so, but she replied,

“I will NEVER feel differenter! I just can never move out because I love you too much. Now do you understand why?”

Oh, and I do, my sweet girl. I love that she loves me so much and so unconditionally. I will think of this moment when she is fourteen and rolling her eyes at me, when she is sixteen and never home once she gets her license, when she is eighteen and applying for colleges, and when she is all grown and buying her first house.

My heart will break thinking that at those times, she is ready to be away from me. She will, indeed, feel “differenter” about moving out someday, and that day will come so quickly I won’t know how we got from here to there. But, at those times, I will take a deep breath and feel pride for the lovely, independent young woman that my daughter will grow to be. I will know that she still loves me very much, but that the time has come for her to spread her wings and fly off on her own.

Until then, I will revel in the fact that my daughter thinks the world of me. I will keep her nest safe and warm and always full of love. And I will let her know by my every action and word that she will always have a home within her mama’s heart.


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