Daddy Dodged a Bullet

Dave relayed a conversation that he and Leah had the other night, and I just have to share!

Leah: Daddy, how are adults made?

Dave: Well, everyone starts out as babies, and then they grow into kids, and eventually we all become an adult.

Leah: Oh. So, then how are babies made?

Dave: Uhhhh…

Leah: Oh wait! I already know how babies are made!

Dave (alarmed): You do???

Leah: Yes! They are made out of Play-doh and Bendaroos!

Dave: That is absolutely correct!

I wonder how long my sweet, innocent little girl will believe that parents carefully shape their babies out of Play-doh? I don’t know, but I am sure that Dave is hoping when realization that this can’t possibly be true hits her, she will come to me instead!


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