Supermom Confession

I have huge confession to make to you guys… Dave was not my first choice of spouse. I know, it’s shocking. But here is what happened- I was three years old and flipping through my mom’s Reader’s Digest. I came across a page advertising one of those commemorative plates, and on the plate was a picture of the most handsome man I had ever seen: The King himself, Elvis.

“Oh mommy!” I crooned, “Who IS this?”
“Oh, that’s Elvis.” my mom answered me.

“Well,” I told her, “I am going to marry him!”

Nobody had the heart to tell me that Elvis was long since deceased and I did not learn that face for years. Instead, my family encouraged my obsession by buying me cassette tapes (yeah, kids, I’m old!) From the age of three until I was around eight or nine I had to listen to Elvis tapes to fall asleep.

When I grew up and learned the truth about my first love, I eventually moved on. Well, sort of- Dave and I had our first dance as married couple to ‘Fools Rush In’!


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