Speaking of Pregnancy Hormones…

When I was about eight months pregnant with Leah, Dave and I watched the movie “Marley and Me.” Have you seen it? If not, *Spoiler Alert*!

The movie follows the life of Marley, an adorable yellow lab dog and his family. And then, after many heartwarming moments where you grow to relate to the family and love the dog as much as they do, he DIES! Yup, the dog grows old, gets sick, and dies in the end. What a horrible ending! What a horrible idea to watch pregnant!

I cried at the end of the movie, and I cried myself to sleep that night. I cried throughout the next few days, at random times.

“Sweetie, what’s wrong?” Dave would ask me.

“It’s Marley!” I would cry. “Why did he have to die? They loved him so much!”

It was crazy. It died down over the next few days. However, we were headed somewhere in the car one day, weaving through our neighborhood, when I suddenly burst out crying.

“What is it?” Dave asked, panicked. He probably thought I was going into labor!

“Look! Those people are walking their dog.” I pointed.


“It just made me think of Marley!”

Poor Dave. I don’t know how he puts up with me normally, let alone pregnant! It’s a good thing I give him gorgeous children!


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