Leah on Bathroom Etiquette

We were in a large department store when I suddenly felt baby kicking at my full bladder. I grabbed Leah by the hand and half jogged to the ladies room. As I ushered Leah into a big stall she asked why we were in here (since she didn’t have to go, I guess!)

“Because I have to pee!” I told her.

She then broke out into a little dance and at the top of her voice sang, “Mommy’s gotta pee, Mommy’s gotta pee! Mommy, mommy, mommy, my mommy’s gotta pee!”

Normally I would have shushed her, but I was sure we were alone. Until I heard a chuckle and then a flush from a few stalls down. As we emerged from our stall I could feel my face grow red with embarrassment and I could not meet the elderly woman’s eyes.

I guess when you enter a bathroom it is pretty obvious that you are there for only a few reasons, but it’s still pretty mortifying when your kid announces it with a song and dance routine!


3 thoughts on “Leah on Bathroom Etiquette

  1. Lol ……church was over and I had to go to the bathroom and my two little boys 2 & 3 both started saying very loudly ….mommy you going to poopoo a big nake (snake) ….. gotta love ’em …..

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