Fond Memories

My stepdad tried to take me fishing once, when I was around eight years old. We were in a boat, and I started pulling all of the worms out of the little container and naming them. As he would put a worm on the hook, I would make up a little story like, “Oh no! Not Fred! He has a wife and three kids! Spare him!” And then I would pretend to cry. He never took me fishing again. I wonder why?

This week my stepdad and my mom decided to take Leah and I to a nearby state park so that we could picnic, swim, and because Leah has expressed interest in fishing. All week she was so excited to go fishing with Papa. Because I am somewhat evil, on the evening before we went I told Leah the story about naming the worms.

The next day, my mom and I set up at a picnic table to relax and talk while Papa and Leah fished, but they were nearby. As my stepdad was hooking a worm I could hear Leah yell, “Oh no, not Sara! She has a family!” Hehehe! I am sure it was like going back in time for him!

They had a wonderful time, though, and they each caught a fish. Leah has been bragging that HER fish was bigger than Papa’s, and she describes what it looked like to anyone who will listen. I love that kid so much, and I love that she was able to share in a past-time with her Papa that he has always loved. 1011381_10151815119741079_1881471999_n


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