Why Leah is My New Doctor’s Office Buddy

Yesterday I had what I thought would be a quick, simple prenatal appointment. So, I decided it would be a great idea to bring Leah along. I am also trying to make her feel that she is included in things having to do with the new baby.

We were not in the waiting room for long at all when the nurse called my name. I told Leah to sit in the chair in the exam room, and I sat on the table. The nurse asked a few questions and then said the doctor would be right in. She lied. We waited in there for 35 minutes, during which time I decided that I should probably never take Leah to the doctor’s office with me again.

She was not misbehaving at all really, but I am pregnant and easily irritated. Her constant fidgeting and inability to STAY IN HER CHAIR were making me absolutely crazy. It was somewhat hot in the room and I could feel the backs of my legs beginning to stick to the paper on the table, and my lower back was beginning to throb from not being able to sit back. Leah was chattering on, naming all of the things in the room. She wanted me to repeat each item she named, and boy I did not want to! I did it anyway, to entertain her.

Finally, the doctor came in and it was smooth sailing from there. He asked a few questions, told me my labs from last time were all great, and then got out the fetal Doppler. Leah watched intently as he put some gel on my abdomen and put the little microphone thingy on my skin. Immediately, we could here the thumpy/swishy sound of our baby’s heart. Leah’s face lit up, and I think it was the first moment where she realized that there is actually a living being growing inside of me, and that it is going to be a part of our family.

As the doctor wrapped up the appointment, he casually mentioned that I had to stop in the lab to get blood drawn! I felt myself get a little shaky. I really hate needles, and I was not sure how Leah would be for that.

As it turned out, Leah was so freaked out by me having blood drawn, that I forgot to be nervous myself. She held my hand and squeezed the life out of it, and her terrified face was absolutely priceless. Focusing on reassuring her that I was okay reminded me that I really was okay.

After the appointment I took Leah to get milkshakes, and I told her she is welcome to come with me anytime!


4 thoughts on “Why Leah is My New Doctor’s Office Buddy

  1. My son has come to a few appointments with me this time. So special for them to make that connection! He doesn’t come now that we are in the ‘please undress from the waist down’ phase though… 😉

    • Oh goodness, you are right! I forgot about those. I will have to find some childcare once we get to that point. My mom is on summer vacation now, but she will be back in school by then.

      And yes, I think it really helped her feel connected! She can’t wait to come to my ultrasound and see the baby (and find out the gender!) 🙂

      • How old is she? Our son is 4 and our daughter is almost 2. I haven’t brought her with me because I don’t want my BP to be through the roof by the time we get into the room. She is a sweet, into everything typical toddler. But my 4 year old did well.

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