Not Shy…Not at All

Last weekend we went away with my parents for a little mini-vacation. We got two adjoining rooms in a nice hotel, and the package included a buffet breakfast in the morning. Leah was pretty much the happiest girl ever for every minute of the trip, which came as no surprise.

She ate her pancake and was sitting quietly, but starting to get bored and fidget. My mom, stepdad, and I were still lingering over coffee when Dave took Leah out to explore the hotel for a bit. After a moment, the two of them appeared at the glass wall that our table was facing. They were on the other side of the wall, out in the hallway. Leah and I blew kisses back and forth for a minute, and then all of a sudden, a big grin spread across her face.

Leah began to do a silly little dance right in the hotel lobby (which was crowded as it was getting close to check-out time). Our laughter from the table egged her on, and she turned around, stuck her hiney out at us and began to shake it while doing her dance!

I sometimes don’t know where Leah came from! As a child, even at her age, I was painfully shy. I never would have danced in public, much less stuck my butt out to shake it! I am glad, though, that my daughter is so confident in herself. To her, making someone laugh is worth whatever it takes to do so.


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