Pinterest Reviews!

Hello lovely readers and adoring fans (hehe)! I have decided to try something out on this blog. I was looking at my Pinterest boards and I was surprised at the number of things I have actually tried on there! So I have decided that every so often I will review something I find on PInterest, whether it be a craft, a recipe, or something totally random.

For my first review I am doing a DIY gift idea:

Full instructions found on

Full instructions found on

This gift was extremely successful! I used it for my little brother’s twelfth birthday last year and he loved it. The best thing is that you can choose the amount that you want to give based on what you can afford. I also added a special touch by writing my brother a letter about how proud I am to be his big sister and I folded that and taped it to the last dollar bill, so that was the last thing he pulled out.

The gift is also very fun and takes longer to “open” because the recipient will be pulling the bills out one by one. It added excitement to the occasion, and my brother’s face was lit up (because what twelve year old doesn’t want cash?).

I highly recommend this pin!


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