Show and Tell

Normally I share adorable/funny Leah stories, but I recently remembered a really cute story about my little brother (who is not so little anymore now that he is almost 13!) I was nearly 12 myself when Zach was born and I always say that he was kind of ‘my first baby’. It was love at first sight when I met that little boy and I have always adored him.

It was particularly heart-melting when, at the age of 5, Zach asked me if he could bring me into school as his show and tell! He was in kindergarten and I was a high school senior at the time. It was towards the end of the year, so I skipped some morning classes and went to his instead.

When I walked through the door and Zach spotted me, his whole little face lit up in excitement. At the same time, he got completely shy and confused about his show and tell. He told everyone that I was in college (I figured he was close enough). I remember him in his chair beside mine in the circle, and how he seemed to be sinking into it out of shyness, and yet he would glance up at me and smile, so happy to have me there.

That is one memory that I will never forget. It made my day, and I will always treasure knowing that I am special enough to my brother that he wanted to show me off to his kindergarten class.

Parents, if your kids get to do show and tell at school, I highly suggest finding out if they can bring in a special person. It will be a blast for your child and the person who they choose will be flattered beyond belief!


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