Riding in Cars with Grandmas

My Grandma is not your average senior citizen! She has this amazing ability to do stupid shit and then laugh her butt off at herself and tell everyone she knows about it. This has definitely been passed down to my mom, and to me, by the way.

One example is several weeks ago when she proudly shared with us the story of her first time at the YMCA. She recently joined to get some exercise and mainly to use the pool. She went swimming and did some basic techniques that her physical therapist had given to her while in the water. When she was done, she got out of the pool and promptly went into the locker room. The men’s locker room. Luckily (or maybe not, depending on how you look at it) she realized her mistake before going in too far!

Fast forward to today. I was driving Grandma to a doctor’s appointment. I knew it was going to be a fun ride when someone cut me off without even using a directional. I was biting my tongue to keep from saying any choice words in front of Leah when my Grandma said under her breath “What a douche bag!” I thought I was going to die laughing. The rest of our ride went something like this:

Me: So, have you gone back to the Y yet?

Grandma: No, but I really should. I need to get into a program or something.

Me: Yeah, you need to get into a program all right!

Grandma (laughing): I meant for exercise! I need to get more active. Plus, the more I get out, the better chance that maybe I will meet someone.

Me: Well, I hear the men’s locker room is a great place to start!

Grandma: Yeah, then I can compare them and, you know, see how they ‘measure up’!

Yeah, as I said, not your typical Grandma! But, hanging out with her is always entertaining!


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