Leah on Embarassing Her Mommy

Yesterday Leah and I were in a very quiet waiting room while my Grandma was seeing her doctor. Leah was being such a good girl and whispering quietly if she needed to talk. Until she loudly passed some gas, that is. No one in the room reacted, save for one lady who was holding back a smile. However, Leah then loudly announced,

“Hey, mommy, I just farted!”

I heard some chuckles and throat clearing all around us.

“Yes,” I whispered. “I know.”

Leah: What am I supposed t say when I fart? (Have I mentioned this was the ONLY time in the hour we were there that she was not whispering?)

Me: You say excuse me.

Leah: Oh. Excuse me!

Me: You’re excused.

Leah: Okay. I thought I was just supposed to say, ‘I farted’!

And that is when I promptly changed the subject. Coincidentally, Leah also lowered her voice at this point. Oh, the joys of motherhood!


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