Leah on Neighborly Love and Butt-Wiping

Leah and I were playing “neighbors” today. We had side by side ‘compartments’, both of which were in the living room. In the midst of our game, Leah had to go potty, and so off she went. After a couple of minutes I heard her yell, “I’m dooooone!” which is the tell-tale sign that she needs me to wipe her.

I entered the bathroom and Leah informed me, “You are supposed to say ‘Hi, Neighbor!'”

“No way!” I told her. “I would not wipe my neighbors butt. Would you?”

“No!” she answered. “I will never, ever wipe anybody’s butt.”

“Well, when you have a kid of your own someday then you will do it. And when it’s for your baby you don’t mind too much.”

“Nope!” she said. “I will never do it, not even for my kid. I will just say ‘sorry little baby. I can’t wipe you. You are gonna have to do it yourself.'”

So, either I am going to have some very independent grandchildren, or they are going to have to live with me so I can wipe their butts, too!


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