Whipping Out the Play-Doh!

Leah thinks that babies are made out of play-doh. I jokingly told her that one time, and although I can’t figure out how that works in her brain when she knows that there is a baby “in my belly”, she took it very seriously. Yes, parenting is at it’s best when your child pictures mommy and daddy staying up late to shape a perfect little baby out of play-doh.

Tonight, I was so tired I was at the point of silly. Dave asked me a question and the answer had something to do with sex, but Leah was around. Instead of spelling it out I just blurted, “They were, ya know, whipping out the play-doh!”

The best part is that Dave totally got what I meant! So, our new code for sex when little ears may be listening is “whipping out the play-doh”! I hope you all find me as hilarious as I find myself!

Do you have any code for adult words or topics?


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