Beautiful Morning

This morning something miraculous happened. Something that has not occurred since Leah was a baby. She climbed into my bed to wake me up- and we both fell back to sleep!

I have no idea what time it was when she came in, but I remember folding her up into my arms because she was shivering from her trek across the house. My eyelids were heavy and kept on closing, and I expected to feel her little fingers pulling at my eyelids any second. The fingers, however, never came.

The next thing I knew, it was much brighter in the room, and I could see Leah’s long, beautiful eyelashes resting on her cheek, and she was all snuggled up against me. I watched her sleep for awhile, and as she started to get restless I knew that she would wake up soon. I had no idea how long had passed since she first came in, but it didn’t matter.

Finally, Leah rolled over, stretched, and with her eyes still closed she whispered, “Mommy.”

“What sweetie?” I whispered back.

“Knock-knock!” she answered, with a huge grin. And with that we were telling jokes and giggling at the same time that happy dreams faded from our minds.


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