A Slice of Life

Sometimes I wish that I could record in writing every moment that I have with Leah, so that I can take it out and relive it when she is grown and leaves me. But, when I attempt it in my head I find that I can spend an hour just describing the way the light bounced off one curl for a split second. It would take me an entire day to tell you how her laughter sounds and even longer to describe how it makes me feel. I could spend eons on each feature of her beautiful face and all of the expressions she configures with it.

And so, I share with you the conversations we have, for they are absolute, and concrete enough to share. They are a slice of life with Leah, and for the rest that I can’t put on paper? I will have to be content to store those memories forever in my heart.

When I grow old and I start to forget what I had for breakfast, I will always be able to recall Leah’s long eyelashes, her tinkling four year old voice, and the feeling I get in my heart just at the sight of my beautiful daughter.


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