Leah on Pranking

I pulled out the box of Halloween decorations today and found a plastic ‘severed hand’ and ‘severed foot’. I casually mentioned to Leah that she could scare Daddy if she put the hand under his pillow. She laughed hysterically at the idea, and then decided to put the foot in his underwear drawer as well.

When he came home today, Leah gleefully told him,

“Daddy! After you take your shower you might get scared when you open your underwear drawer!”

Dave: Oh yeah? What did you put in there?

Leah: I can’t tell you! But it’s a foot.

Hahaha, she so doesn’t get this concept. But, being the great indulgent Daddy that he is, Dave dutifully shrieked upon opening his drawer later in the evening, causing Leah to giggle uncontrollably! She then said,

“You might also get scared when you go to bed. There’s something under your pillow! It might be hand…”


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