Leah on her ‘Loveys’

Last week I was putting Leah to bed one night when she asked me about one of her lovey’s, a small blanket made when I was pregnant by the mom of a very good friend (I call her my Spare Mom)! The lovey used to be very soft and yellow, but now it is more gray and worn, haha. I told Leah that when Spare Mom made it for me she told me how babies are comforted by their mother’s smell. I slept with it under my pillow for the rest of my pregnancy, and even after Leah was born. Whenever I had to leave her with someone, or put her down for a nap, I would give her the yellow lovey so that she could have my smell, and it comforted her.

“Mommy,” Leah asked. “How come babies know their mommy’s smell, but I don’t really know it now?”

“Well,” I answered, “Babies need a way to feel comforted and to know that even though they can’t see their mommy that she is always coming back and she always loves them. Now that you are a big girl you already know how much I love you. And, you know what else? Even when you can’t see me, I am ALWAYS with you, in your heart.”

My baby girl looked at me with her big, saucer-like eyes brimming with tears of love.

“Well Mommy, I am always in YOUR heart, too, because I just love you so much.” she told me.

It was such a beautiful moment between mother and daughter, one that I will never forget as long as I live.

Mothers and daughters have such an amazing, beautiful relationship, at least in my experience. I am so glad that my four year old daughter already has a sense of that. It must mean that I am doing something right.


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