Leah on Earning an Allowance

The other night Dave and I talked to Leah about starting to do a few simple chores to earn an allowance. We decided on making her bed, clearing her dishes, picking up her toys, brushing her teeth twice a day, and getting herself into her own pj’s. Dave looked at me and asked if I thought $2/week was fair and I agreed.

Leah looked up and said, “What about $3?”

Dave answered, “Well, how about a bonus category to give you a chance to earn another dollar every week, for trying new foods?”

I agreed that this was a great idea, but Leah looked skeptical.

“Well,” she said. “I don’t know about that. My piggy bank has some dollars in it already and I don’t think all those extra dollars would fit!”

She may be stubborn, and a picky eater, but she is one smart little girl!


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