Explaining Divorce to my Four-year Old

Today as we were leaving the market, I pointed across the street and told Leah,

Me: Look Leah, that is where mommy first started going to school.

Leah: Really? Who signed you up?

Me: Mana and Grandpa Lou.

Leah: So, wait…when you were little you lived with Mana…and a friend?

Me: No silly! Grandpa Lou is my daddy. You know that. He and Mana used to be married to each other.

Leah: Oh. Then they broke apart?

Me: Yes. They broke apart. But then, Grandpa Lou married Grandma Carla, and Mana married Papa. And then I was really lucky because I got to have two mommies and two daddies!

Leah: Wow! Really?!

Me: Yes, and now that is why you get to have so many awesome grandparents.

Leah: Yeah, I have two boy grandparents and two girl grandparents! They all love me.

I know that divorce is a heartbreaking event, and that not everyone who goes through it gets a Happily Ever After. However, today I am feeling incredibly blessed. Of course, initially it was tough for me when my parents split up, but I did end up with four amazing parents and grew up surrounded by love and support. Now my daughter gets to experience that same love from all of her grandparents, who do indeed love her very much. And, it certainly made explaining divorce to a four year old much easier!


2 thoughts on “Explaining Divorce to my Four-year Old

  1. This is such a nice way of explaining it to her. You have such a way with words. I really think that you are an amazing mom and I love reading about your little adventures and talks with her. Your daughter is just so funny and just adorable. I love your blog!

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