Huh…Didn’t See That Coming!

There is no amount of coffee that could have prepared me for this early morning question from Leah:

“Mommy, how do people get preg-a-nent?” (she adds extra syllables to certain words. It’s adorable).

My response went something like this:

“Wow! Um…well, haha. That’s a tough one. Haha, uh…you see…”

Leah said, “What I’m really asking is how does the baby get IN the mommy’s belly?”

I said, “Um, yeah. Good question. Well, um. It kinda just starts from nothing and then just grows in there. Yeah.”

“Oh.” Leah got very quiet and the worst part is that I could feel her silently judging me. She is no dummy. She knows I lied.

I don’t like to lie to my daughter. At the beginning of this pregnancy, I had no problem setting her straight on the fact that the baby will not be exiting through my mouth. She is very mature and did not seem taken aback when I told the truth.

This, however, is a whole different conversation. One that I hoped would come up…never! Okay, not never, but four is too young for a sex talk. I want my little girl to stay innocent as long as possible. That being said, I need to come up with a better prepared response in case it comes up again. Something that doesn’t lie, per se, but also doesn’t reveal too much. Any suggestions?


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