My Life Right Now

7:30 am- Get woken up by Dave right as I finally fall into a deep sleep. He has to go to work, and Leah is already up.

7:32 am- pee

7:33 am- test blood sugar

7:35 am- make breakfast for Leah and I. Eat said breakfast, catch up on cafemom, make the beds, wash the dishes, help Leah brush her teeth and get dressed, shower.

Rest of the day is spent trying to cross items off of a to-do list, such as homework and cleaning. I get distracted by Leah, shiny objects, sales phone calls, and my own exhaustion. Oh, and peeing about 50 times throughout the day.

5:30 pm- Make dinner

6:00 pm- push food around on plate because nothing tastes right.

6:30-8:00 pm- muddle through clean up and getting Leah ready for bed, now completely exhausted.

8:00 pm- snuggles and talks about our day with Leah. This is my favorite time.

8:15- Finally sit down to relax, get comfy, and then realize I have to pee again. Oh, and check my sugar.

9:30- Snack time, but it’s never what I really want, which is Death By Chocolate ice cream.

10:00 bed time- where I will attempt sleep for the next 9 hours, but will mostly just toss, turn (ever so slowly), take tums, pee, contract, pee again, have a weird dream, flick Dave for snoring, pee some more, feel Christopher kick my ribs, and did I mention pee?

6:00 am- wait for Dave to get into the shower before completely stretching out to take up the whole bed.

6:15 am- Finally fall into a deep sleep, until 7:30 comes.


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