The Baby Brother Blues

I am now 35 weeks pregnant with my son, and Leah is still not totally on board. She loves to feel him move and kick and will sometimes talk to my belly, but she tells me that she only likes him while he is in there. At the same time, she tells me I was more fun before I was pregnant.

Everyone asks Leah, “Are you excited for your baby brother?”

She gets angry, growls (not even joking) and then replies, “No! I am not excited!”

And then, typically, the person will ask, “What? You’re not excited? But, aren’t you going to help take care of him?”

That question only serves to further enrage my child.

“No, no, no! I am not changing diapers! I am not feeding him! And I am not going to play with him!”

I have never met a little girl who so wants nothing to do with babies and who has not even a smidge of excitement about becoming a big sister. I can only hope that if I don’t prod her or bring it up with her, she will come around when she meets him.

Oh, and that’s another thing- I asked Leah if she would come and see me at the hospital.

“That depends. Will it be just you, or is that baby going to be there, too?” she asked me.

I told her the baby would be there, but that I will be missing her terribly and I will want her to come snuggle with me for awhile. She agreed that she would be willing to do that. And so it will begin- maybe when she sees how tiny and cute her brother is she will fall in love. Or maybe she will slowly come around. Or, maybe I should consider co-sleeping…just in case she decides to kidnap him in the middle of the night and leave him on a neighbor’s doorstep. She IS really smart!


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