Cartoons are Obnoxious

Ruby is a know-it-all, and Max is a whiner. And WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS?

The Bubble Guppies are cool, but their songs get stuck in my head for days.

SpongeBob- you can’t get any more f-ing annoying. Between the laugh, the music, his voice…ugh!

Peppa Pig makes me nuts with all the freaking snorting.

Olivia is a bad influence with her selfish and self-centered ways.

Paw Patrol has talking dogs and a kid who is always cheerful. Always.

Peter Rabbit- when are you going to learn to stay out of Mr. Todd’s yard? I mean, come on!

Dora- do I really even need to go there?

What kids shows do you love to hate? Some of these are amazing for me, because without them I would never get my house cleaned and my homework done, but still. I miss Sesame Street. I loved watching that with Leah. Nick Jr. is just annoying.


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