Merry Christmas!

It’s two days before Christmas

and in our house,

this mama is trying to button her blouse.

Her belly has gotten so big, and so round

she can’t get herself up when she sits on the ground.

She had a workout just wrapping the presents,

because leaning forward is highly unpleasant.

Mommy doesn’t have the energy for baking this year,

but still Leah is feeling the holiday cheer.

When it comes to new babes, she is not too excited.

Rather, I think, she feels kind of blighted.

But that doesn’t stop her from singing happy tunes.

About red nosed reindeer, she typically croons.

It doesn’t stop her eyes from alighting

when she hears tales of holiday magic, such as reindeer flighting.

No, it doesn’t stop her or make her merriment mild,

for the magic of Christmas lives on in this child.

And so even with her baby brother looming,

and a mommy who is having trouble grooming,

Leah will not have a moment of spite,

Merry Christmas, Ya’ll! Have a great night!


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