What is THAT?

Well, it happened. I knew it was coming.

Being that Leah was an only child with no boy cousins that she has been close enough with to share a bath, she had no idea that boys had different genitalia than girls. Until her brother was born, that is.

Dave was the one changing him when Leah leaned over and exclaimed, “What is THAT?”

In typical Dave fashion, he just told her it is where her brother’s pee comes from. So, enter me, completely unaware of what had gone down, doing the next diaper change.

“Mom,” Leah informed me, “I saw that big lump the baby has that he pees out of.”

“Big lump?” I asked, laughing. “That is his boy parts. Boys and girls are different.”

“Oh!” Leah said, having an epiphany. She turned to Dave, “So Daddy, you have one of those, too?”

Dave looked like he wanted to melt into the floor, but he nodded.

“So THAT’S why you stand up to pee!” she said excitedly. “Is yours bigger than Chris’?”

At that point we changed the subject!


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