One of Those Moms

Christopher is an excellent nurser. Not only does he have the latch down, but he eats a lot at one time, and quite frequently as well. Meeting that demand is not always easy, but it is so worth it. I also love the bonding part of the experience. With Leah, breastfeeding was such a stressful experience that I never really got to enjoy that aspect of it.

Part of being a mom is feeding your baby- whenever and wherever you happen to be when he gets hungry. Although I am a very modest woman, I find myself becoming one of those moms, you know the ones who will nurse anywhere. So far, I have fed Chris at the doctor’s office, in the ER (long story, but we’re all okay), and even in my car in the Target parking lot. I cover up as much as I can, but I will not let my baby cry in hunger because I am too afraid that someone may catch a glimpse of my breast, or worse yet, because someone with hang-ups may be offended.

The purpose of breastfeeding is to feed your child. It is not ever about proving a point- nor should it be. If there is an appropriate and discreet place to nurse I will find it. If not, I will make do with a cover. I am not going to whip my boob out in the middle of a restaurant just because I can, and I do not want anyone to buy me a pizza to thank me. I am simply feeding my baby.

So yes, I am one of those moms. Now quit staring and mind your own business.


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