It’s Starting Already

Today I had to take Leah to the doctor for what I thought may be a plantar’s wart on her foot. I decided to wear Christopher in my carrier rather than drag the heavy carseat in with me. He was awake and kind of restless.

After the nurse, who also happens to be my aunt, left the room, he really started to fuss.

“Mom,” Leah hissed, “You can NOT feed him in here!”

“Why not?” I asked.

“It’s so embarrassing!” She replied.

I can’t believe I already have the ability to embarrass my daughter, at the age of four. Oh, the fun I can have with this! I figure if I can’t get my mom back for all the times she embarrassed me (like the time she started barking in a store to get me to hurry up), I can at least enjoy doing the same to my own kids! ūüôā


Ever Indulgent Mana

My mom loves to have Leah sleep over at her house, and Leah loves it, too. I am incredibly fortunate that my daughter will sleep other places because my karma should have it otherwise. When I was a kid I would not sleep anywhere else and would cry until my mom came and got me.

Several weeks ago Leah was itching for another sleepover at Mana’s, and my mom told her that she¬†could come over when she was on February break (she’s a teacher). So Leah happily told her, “When I sleep over your house I will be so happy! I will reward you for letting me sleep over by letting you sleep over my house the next day!”

February break came and my mom had Leah over on the first Saturday of it. Leah had not forgotten her promised reward. My mom¬†dropped her off home the following day, and went home to get things done and pack her own bag. She slept on my couch in the family¬†room all because Leah wanted her to. If that is not a doting grandmother I don’t know what is!

A Whole New Level of Hinting

Leah is a hinter. Instead of asking for things that she wants, she drops some not-so-subtle hints. For example, rather than asking my mom to come over and play Leah will call her and say, “Mana, I sure do miss you so, so, so, so much! And I am awfully lonely.”

Today when we were out in the car and she kept talking about how hungry she was (“I am just the hungriest kid ever! I sure wish I had something to eat.”) I knew exactly what she was up to. I ignored her hints, though. If she won’t come out and ask for something then I don’t have to say no, so sometimes I just play dumb.

As we were passing a McDonald’s, however, she took it to¬†a new level.

“Mommy, I am eating the inside of my cheek.” she told me.

“Why would you do that?” I asked, while checking in the rearview mirror to see if she was truly chewing on her inner cheek. She was.

“That is just how hungry I am.” She responded.

At that point I figured the kid had earned herself some French fries, and into the drive-thru I pulled.

Well played, Leah. Well played.

Oh No- He Was Right!!

For several years Dave has been trying to get me to watch Heroes with him on Netflix. I refused, saying I had no interest, wasn’t in the mood for that type of show, etc. At one point I told him, “Look, it is never gonna happen, so just give up.”

He did, for awhile.

Two weeks ago we cancelled our cable to save some money. So, we have been watching¬†Scrubs on Netflix. Which is awesome, but you know, you can’t watch the same show every night. So, the other day I was busy playing a game on the computer and Leah was in her room playing, and Dave just casually put on Heroes for himself to watch. I immediately knew what he was up to, but I found my attention being dragged to the screen despite myself. I kept asking him questions and soon put down the computer so I could really get engrossed in the episode.

Later that night Dave asked if I wanted to watch Scrubs like usual. I smiled sheepishly and shook my head.

Playing dumb, Dave asked, “Then what would you like to watch?”

He was going to make me say it. After four or five years he had finally used his ninja like skills to force me to watch Heroes, and I was hooked.

Since that was date night and Leah was at my mom’s house, we watched about six episodes. So, thanks honey! You were right, I love Heroes. But you can just give up right now on the Walking Dead. I truly have NO interest in zombies.

Babies Don’t Keep

1896769_578620818124_1652425872_nI found this meme floating around on Facebook and it really struck a chord with me. I spend so much time obsessing and worrying about my house looking perfect, and sometimes (more often than I care to admit) I neglect the more important things in life.

Children don’t keep any more than babies do, and Leah does not care if the furniture has dust or if the floors need to be washed. She cares about me sitting down and interacting with her. And my goodness, I forgot how quickly babies grow! Christopher is five weeks old today and he has changed so very much. If you blink, babyhood will be gone.

I take pride in my home, and that is a good thing. I admit that I like things to be clean and organized and that clutter actually makes me uncomfortable. I laugh at myself and accept who I am. But, it doesn’t have to be perfect all of the time. Especially if my baby needs to be snuggled or my daughter needs me to comb some Barbie hair. Soon my baby will be too busy to want to sleep on my chest and my daughter will want to play with her friends, and not me.

Life goes so quickly. Childhood flies by, especially when you are the parent. Don’t let it pass you by.

I couldn't possibly ruin this level of comfy!

I couldn’t possibly ruin this level of comfy!

I Just Realized…

That I always know where Leah’s things are. She asked me where her Cinderella slippers are and without even having to think about it I told her right where they were. This is a daily occurrence with various items!

I wonder why that is? And yet it took me 15 minutes to find my own ipod!

Quarter Century

That is how old I will be tomorrow- 25. I can’t believe I am halfway through my twenties already!

At this time last year I was feeling depressed and disappointed in all of the life goals that I hadn’t met yet. Between then and now so much has changed and I am really happy with where I am at.

Last year I was lamenting the fact that I was still in school and had never traveled, blah, blah, blah. Now I realize that most people haven’t traveled by 25, and that many people are still in school. I am so proud of myself for getting a two-year degree last May, and now I am rocking out my Bachelor’s program and daydreaming about getting a Master’s and the direction I want to go with my career. Instead of secretly envying those who have already finished their education, I am taking this opportunity to brag about the fact that not only did I get a 4.0 last semester- but I did it all from home, with a four year old, and in my third trimester of pregnancy! Yes, I am awesome.

I also realized that I have so much to be grateful for. I now have not one, but two, beautiful children. I would not trade motherhood for the world and if I accomplish nothing else in life than giving life to these two amazing kids then I can still feel fulfilled. I also have a wonderful husband who helps with the kids, and is always around, and who I really enjoy being with. I hear so many couples who say that they can’t spend too much time together if they want to get along, and¬†if that works for you that is great. But I have to say that I truly enjoy spending time with my husband and I miss him when he is working.

My priorities have changed and my goals have shifted. I still want to see the world and write a book, but¬†I have plenty of time for that. Right now¬†I want to hold my baby close and build a lego tower as tall as Leah. They are only babies and children once and I can’t get enough of taking it all in, because I know it won’t last.

At 25, I finally feel like a real adult. I feel like I know what is important in life, and I feel like a birthday is not something to dread or a time to lament what you haven’t done. It’s a time to celebrate life, especially the things that you have done.