Oh No- He Was Right!!

For several years Dave has been trying to get me to watch Heroes with him on Netflix. I refused, saying I had no interest, wasn’t in the mood for that type of show, etc. At one point I told him, “Look, it is never gonna happen, so just give up.”

He did, for awhile.

Two weeks ago we cancelled our cable to save some money. So, we have been watching Scrubs on Netflix. Which is awesome, but you know, you can’t watch the same show every night. So, the other day I was busy playing a game on the computer and Leah was in her room playing, and Dave just casually put on Heroes for himself to watch. I immediately knew what he was up to, but I found my attention being dragged to the screen despite myself. I kept asking him questions and soon put down the computer so I could really get engrossed in the episode.

Later that night Dave asked if I wanted to watch Scrubs like usual. I smiled sheepishly and shook my head.

Playing dumb, Dave asked, “Then what would you like to watch?”

He was going to make me say it. After four or five years he had finally used his ninja like skills to force me to watch Heroes, and I was hooked.

Since that was date night and Leah was at my mom’s house, we watched about six episodes. So, thanks honey! You were right, I love Heroes. But you can just give up right now on the Walking Dead. I truly have NO interest in zombies.


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