Ever Indulgent Mana

My mom loves to have Leah sleep over at her house, and Leah loves it, too. I am incredibly fortunate that my daughter will sleep other places because my karma should have it otherwise. When I was a kid I would not sleep anywhere else and would cry until my mom came and got me.

Several weeks ago Leah was itching for another sleepover at Mana’s, and my mom told her that she could come over when she was on February break (she’s a teacher). So Leah happily told her, “When I sleep over your house I will be so happy! I will reward you for letting me sleep over by letting you sleep over my house the next day!”

February break came and my mom had Leah over on the first Saturday of it. Leah had not forgotten her promised reward. My mom dropped her off home the following day, and went home to get things done and pack her own bag. She slept on my couch in the family room all because Leah wanted her to. If that is not a doting grandmother I don’t know what is!


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