It’s Starting Already

Today I had to take Leah to the doctor for what I thought may be a plantar’s wart on her foot. I decided to wear Christopher in my carrier rather than drag the heavy carseat in with me. He was awake and kind of restless.

After the nurse, who also happens to be my aunt, left the room, he really started to fuss.

“Mom,” Leah hissed, “You can NOT feed him in here!”

“Why not?” I asked.

“It’s so embarrassing!” She replied.

I can’t believe I already have the ability to embarrass my daughter, at the age of four. Oh, the fun I can have with this! I figure if I can’t get my mom back for all the times she embarrassed me (like the time she started barking in a store to get me to hurry up), I can at least enjoy doing the same to my own kids! 🙂


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