Joyful Children

Children are wonderful. Babies are amazing. They bring joy to those who love them whether they are quiet or colicky, easy or difficult. But having joyful children makes me incredibly lucky and brings me so much extra joy. Leah has always been such a happy little girl, and now my son is following in his big sister’s foot steps.

Last week, at the age of only 6 weeks old, CW laughed for the first time. It was completely intentional and it was not gas. I know this because, for one, he was looking right up at me. Also, he has repeated his laughter every day since. He gives me big gummy grins when I talk to him, and he also grins and laughs at Leah and Dave.

Here are some great photos of my beautiful, joyful children.

Laughing at Big Sis.

Laughing at Big Sis.

Big grins for mommy!

Big grins for mommy!

Happy, happy baby.

Happy, happy baby.



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