Precious Moments

I am a part time co-sleeper. By that I mean that Dave and I need our bed to ourselves for most of the night, but once Dave gets up at the crack of dawn for work and Christopher is hungry, I lay him down with me to be fed. We usually drift off for another hour or so together. It is our special time, our snuggle time. But nothing beats hearing him start to stir and opening up my eyes to huge baby grins just inches away.

This morning he woke up a bit and when I smiled at him, he started to smile back just as his heavy lids were drifting shut. He fell back asleep with a special smile, just for his mama, still on his face.

These are the moments I wish that I could bottle up and take out to relive whenever I want to. When I am having a bad day, and especially when he grows bigger and his special mama smiles happen less and less.

Parents, I urge you to cherish these types of moments with your children. They are fleeting, as is the time frame in which they happen. Drink it in, let it wash over you, and keep the memory tucked safely in your heart.


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