Any Excuse to Get Together With Family is a GOOD Excuse.

That is a line from the show Parenthood on NBC. I love it. That is how I feel. I have no use for drama in my life and I try my best to stay out of it, especially when it comes to family. I love them fiercely and would take their side and defend them against anyone, but how do you do that when it is against other family? I try to be the one who listens comforts without really taking a side. Don’t get me wrong- I can gossip and talk shit with the best of them, but it is something I try to avoid because I want to instill in my children the importance of your family.

Lately I have had some great opportunities to show my kids how important our extended family is and how we can work to spend time with our loved ones. For years it has a been a tradition that my Grandma’s cousin and her husband throw an Easter brunch. They always had tons of food, an egg hunt for the children, and most importantly great company and warm memories. This year they made the decision not to do it any longer. It is a lot of work and they are getting older.

I was quick to volunteer to do Easter brunch at my home. Sure, we could have let the tradition die and all did separate things, but then Easter would be just another day, albeit one with a basket full of chocolate. We are not religious, but Easter to me is a great holiday for the simple reason that it means a family get-together.

Never having made brunch before, or even cooked for that many people, I was a bit nervous and overwhelmed. But as I called each family to invite them, I became more and more sure of myself. Everyone brought something and everyone pitched in. That morning Leah was super excited to look for her basket, but I was happy to note that she was even more excited for our family to arrive. I watched her run around with her cousins collecting eggs, and I watched as my son was passed around. People mingled and chatted and hugged and ate, and it was a beautiful day where we made a beautiful memory with the simple act of keeping a tradition alive.



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