Christopher Kisses

One day this week I was kissing the heck out of Baby CW’s cheeks, like I always do. He suddenly turned, and with a huge grin on this face put his open mouth against my cheek and rubbed it back in forth, covering me in drool and love.

Of all the milestones our babies reach, isn’t it the best when they emulate something you do, especially when it is an act of love and affection? I will gladly take all the baby drool in the world smeared on my face, for I am in heaven when my children kiss and hug me.



It’s Good Wuck!

At Leah’s kindergarten screening I was told that she may need speech therapy next year to fix how she pronounces her R’s and L’s. I guess I am okay with that since it is a free service provided by the school. But at the same time I am going to miss her “Boston” accent and hearing her tell kids on the playground, “Hi, I’m Wee-ah!” And I am really going to miss conversations like this one:

Leah: Mommy, do you know what’s at the end of a wainbow?

Me: A pot of gold?

Leah: Yes! And a wepwechaun!

Me: A wepwechaun?!

Leah: Yeah! Wepwechauns are good wuck!


Oh, and regular readers of this blog will not be surprised to hear that the speech therapist told me “What she lacks in pronunciation, she certainly makes up for in vocabulary!”

I Can Do It All- Just Not Well!

This past weekend has been totally crazy! It included my cousin’s wedding, as well as Leah’s first big dance recital on stage. She was also in the wedding, as flower girl. All week I mentally prepared and planned out how I was going to juggle everything and stay sane. I was stressed about leaving my son, who refuses to eat from a bottle, and getting Leah’s hair right, and forgetting anything.

On Friday morning I got together all of Leah’s dance things and labeled them to get ready for her dress rehearsal that night. I knew that I would be frazzled when it came time to leave since we were going straight from the dress rehearsal to the church for the wedding rehearsal. Somehow, though, when we arrived at the auditorium I realized that I didn’t have Leah’s costume. It was too late to go back and my heart sank. I didn’t have her tights either, just her shoes.

I don’t know whether it was my own angst or the fact that she was the only one without a costume, but Leah suddenly got nervous, too. I sat there with her until it was her class’s turn and I felt like I could cry. Even after the rehearsal was over and she had performed her dances sans costume, I still felt horrible about it, and worried that it had set a tone for the rest of the weekend.

I was wrong, though. Saturday morning dawned and we had plenty of time to get ready. I did Leah’s hair and it came out beautiful for the wedding. She didn’t get anything on her dress and we made it in time for pictures. She walked down the aisle, throwing petals like a pro, and she danced the night away at the reception.

On Sunday, again, we had plenty of time to get ready. I triple checked that I had her costume as we were leaving and it all went off without a hitch. She danced beautifully up on stage and I felt my eyes well up with pride.

This weekend I learned that I can not always be perfect. I will not always remember every little detail. I will make mistakes. But I have raised a happy and well adjusted little girl and she can adapt to anything. It all turned out well in the end and we had a beautiful weekend celebrating life, love, and happiness.


Leah on Mom Fashion

Yesterday I had to make an emergency run to Target for band-aids. When you have kids you can never run out of band-aids. While there I told Leah I wanted to take a quick run through the men’s department to look for a comfy t-shirt.

“For Daddy?” She asked me.

“Nope, for me.” I said, “So I can be comfy on days where I am just at home playing with you and Christopher.”

“Mom!” Leah protested. “You can’t wear a MAN shirt! What will Daddy say?”

“I don’t know, Leah. What do you think Daddy will say?”

“I think he will say that you don’t look very sexy.”

Annnnnd we don’t even have cable television. I wonder where she picked up that gem!

Here I am sporting the unsexy mom look in my MAN shirt! Better yet, it's a Harry Potter shirt, so it's nerdy too! :-)

Here I am sporting the unsexy mom look in my MAN shirt! Better yet, it’s a Harry Potter shirt, so it’s nerdy too! 🙂

Leah on Love

The other day Leah was playing in the family room and saw the little boy who lives next door through the window. Although it was closed, the two of them began making faces and funny poses to make each other laugh. This was not the first time that they have played through the window, and they have played outside together a couple of times, even though he is several years older than Leah. I honestly didn’t think much of it, other than it’s pretty cute, until Leah called my mom that night.

“Mana,” I heard her say, “I have a secret love crush on the little boy next door. I have loved him since the first time I saw him!”

My first reaction was to laugh at the hilarity of Leah’s dramatic tone. And then I felt a combination of sadness that my little girl is old enough to have a “secret love crush” and elation at the thought of having a daughter and talking about cute boys like I used to do with my mom.

Dave’s reaction was a bit different. He commented something along the lines of it’s too bad that he is going to have to kill that boy because he kind of liked him.

This is pretty much how Dave feels. Good thing Leah is too young to date for quite some time!

This is pretty much how Dave feels. Good thing Leah is too young to date for quite some time!